Bikeblog NYC Holiday gift guide.

If you’re going to buy gifts this Holiday season, here are some ideas and incentives from bike related merchandise.

Keen Shoes is offering free shipping from now until-December 5th.
Maker of sustainable products and ecco-friendly footwear and bags (they even make a cycling sandal)
go to

and enter: BIKEBLOGNYC in the promo code section.

has this cool new bike print on a t-shirt.

Don’t forget about this cool Monster Track dvd, and I’m not just saying this cause I made it…(well maybe I am)
An inside look into NYC’s toughest longest running alleycat. In the snow, No Brakes!

available at
Get a subscription to the best urban culture bicycle rag…

and the UrbanVelo Cycling hoodie.

available along with other great stuff at
Then there is the Ladies of Team Pegasus 2009 calender with proceeds going to world bicycle relief. The rest of the money goes to this team of Mid-west cyclists and their exploits on the track, the street and in the mud.

available at:
where bicycles and art love each other madly…

My good friend Ashira in LA has been working on some cool t-shirt designs

she has some other cool handcrafted things like wallets and photographs…

check it out at

Get cool things for your track bike at NYC’s own:
Always great gift ideas for the urban rider in all of us like these hats from Chuey Brand.

check out lots of great gear at
Great stuff for winter at


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