Continuum Cycles opens Uptown

message from the shop:
“We just opened our Harlem shop. Same quality goods and service standards as our East Village location. Stocked and ready to roll. Come uptown and have a look.”

Check out their new store:

264 Lenox Ave. Between 123rd and 124th St.

Congratulations on the expansion.

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  • jeff

    For those of you who don’t know …after “Jam Pony” closed we, Continuum Cycles picked up where they left of and gave it a try in Harlem. About two months into it
    we realized that it was just too complicated and pretty much impossible to run a second Shop without downtown suffering tremendously . I can’t be at two locations at once, and instead of having two shops that were working and were good, I decided that I just wanted my one shop and that it would male. For those of you that live uptown and were excited about the shop, i am sorry but its only a thirty minute leisurely ride down to the East Village. Thank you for your support,

    Jeff Underwood
    Owner/Cheif Mechanic
    Continuum Cycles