Cranksgiving in NYC and elsewhere

Cranksgiving is a alleycat race which raises money for hungry people each year around the Thanksgiving day Holiday.

A little history about the event: Here.

a little bit about it from this years race organizer Ken Stanek:

“Cranksgiving is coming up again. Last year was the biggest NYC Cranksgiving ever. We donated over $500* worth of food to a Lower East Side Soup Kitchen.

If you’re not familiar with this race, it takes place the week before Thanksgiving every year. There’s no registration fee, but you’re going to need to bring cash with you, because the checkpoints are all grocery stores. At these grocery stores, you’re going to have to leave your bike outside, run in, and purchase** a specified food item. A bag & a lock is absolutely essential! Once you’ve collected all of the food items and have finished the race, we do a group ride to a soup kitchen & drop off all of our donations. Keep all of your receipts, because I’m going to check them to make sure you made it to each of the checkpoints.

This year, Cranksgiving and the New York Bicycle Messenger Fund (NYBMF) is coordinating a fund drive for City Harvest along with the food drive. We are asking sponsors and individuals to pledge a dollar amount per racer to City Harvest. If you pledge $1 per racer and we have 100 racers, that’s a $100 donation. 15% of that will go to the NYBMF’s injured messenger fund, and the remaining funds will go to City Harvest. Download this form and send it to the NYBMF if you or your employer would like to donate. ” listed other Cranksgiving day races in other cities:

Omaha, NE –November 15th
Santa Fe, NM –November 15th
Champaign, IL –November 16th
New York City –November 22nd
Orlando, FL –November 22nd and Myspace page
Des Moines, IA –November 22nd
St Louis, MO –November 23rd
Kansas City, MO –November 23rd

There is also a Bike Against Hunger race in Oklahoma City, November 16th.

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