NYU begins Bike Sharing Program

According to Streetsblog, New York University has started a bike sharing program.

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photo by: NYU photo bureau

article by: Brad Fried
More than two dozen students braved 32-degree cold this Sunday for the launch of NYU’s bike-share program. The ride took them down Second Avenue and over the Manhattan Bridge to see some of Brooklyn’s new bike lanes.

The NYU system consists of 30 bikes and two stations — a dorm at 7th street and a bike parking lot behind Tisch Hall. Lindsi Seegmiller, the student who coordinated much of the program, says she got the bikes almost-new from Hub Station, which used them for free rentals during Summer Streets. To borrow one, students or faculty make a reservation online. Then at the station they swipe their NYU ID, opening a cabinet that holds the key to a chain lock attached to the bike they reserved.

In May, Seegmiller told Streetsblog that she hopes the program will expand and get the University, which runs its own bus service, to think more about biking.

Count up-and-coming livable streets advocates like Seegmiller as one reason to be thankful this year. What’s on your “I’m thankful for/I’d be more thankful if” list? Enjoy the holiday, we’ll see you Monday.

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  • Tinker

    Nice bikes! I have been looking at Biria EZ-Board bikes, but no one in the city stocks them. I have to order them sight unseen, completely a shot in the dark. (envy, envy, envy…)

  • tom

    Great idea… note there is a massive boycott against the MTA on June 9, 2009.. Commuters are outraged over the MTA’s proposed fare hikes and are vowing to take a stand to send the message to the MTA. For a copy of the article send an email to