Results form Obama Alleycat in D.C.

With just 2 days until the vote, Messengers and Urban racers participated in the Obama Alleycat.

John, race organizer, just sent out the results:

“1st Place- Skander- winner of the Seagull Champions Obama Bag!

2nd Place- Zak- winner of the R.E.Load Obama Bag, which was supposed to go to Top Outta-Towner, but nobody came from out of town, (except for Diablo and his wife, but he didn’t race this time around! Good to see you Bro!

3rd Place- Bega!- winner of the Crumpler courier backpack! Good to see you still kickin’ ass old timer!

The only bit of controversy was that four of the top six racers (Soda, Bruuuce, Nick plus one more) were disqualified because their manifests were not completed correctly. The rules are the rules. But even then they kicked ass!!! They were FLYING!!!

Anyhow, thanks to the 35 people who did come race. It was the PERFECT day!!!

Thanks to Caleb for the party location. Thanks for the open offer for next time!

Many thanks to all the volunteers who manned the 10 checkpoints flawlessly and got people through the race!!!

And last, but not least, to all the sponsors who were so generous with the prizes!!! R.E.Load, Seagull, Crumpler, Evomo, Fabric Horse, Flirtees and Kryptonite- you guys rock and we HEART you!!!!!!

Until 2009 and the Tour de LeMond Pt. Deux!!! Two-man team alleycat and TTT!!!

Racing for Victory and free beer!!!


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