January 4th, 2009-Memorial Ride in NYC

A member of wanted to remind people about next years annual memorial ride.

The NYC Street Memorial Project invites you to the 4th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk in remembrance of cyclists and pedestrians killed on the streets of NYC in 2008. The ride, which will be held on Sunday, January 4, […]

Bicycle Film Festival is hitting its last stop.

Portland Oregon.

Check out great movies like this… Fumikiri trailer for FUMIKIRI from JAN on Vimeo.

Bicycle Film Festival Portland, Oregon…December 12th and 13th.

Critical Mass Scene–wants you

WHO’s MOVIE?…OUR MOVIE! A small indie unromantic romantic comedy called, “A NEW YORK THING” is looking for 30 bicycle riders ( Men and woman) to participate in a critical mass scene in Manhattan. Saturday Night, December 20th for about 6 hours (6-midnight) There is some pay involved…$75.00 flat. (hey that’s more then a […]

Couple cool videos…

I just added to my links page to highlight this sweet bicycle blog from the UK.

They’ve got a couple of cool videos up on their site…One of this Time Lapse of London, which doesn’t have any biking in it. London (harder, better, faster, stronger) from David Hubert on Vimeo. and this from […]

Bike Blog round up…

Here’s another blog doing a weekly bicycle related round-up. This is also a nice site for bike happenings in the local Austin, Texas area…

Welcome to the scene: Austin Bike Blog

They also have a funny section on the dumbest product of the […]

Game of Chicken in Kent Ave. Bike Lanes

The change in infrastructure, especially catering to one self-serving and benign like the bicycle, never comes easy. Especially when an orthodox set of religious jews are involved who want things to change about as much as Andy Rooney wants to find some relevant material. But you ever notice that such a pious and old-world […]