At least we know where they stand…

Next to their Gas Guzzling SUV’s….

picture by: Steven Hirsch

picture of: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and her city-owned Chevy Suburban.

taken from another article by Ben Fried from streets

Make way for more budget cuts…including for bicycle infrastructure.

Article: City Council Proposes Slashing Funds for Bike Network

New bike infrastructure in New York City could be on the chopping block as the City Council and Mayor Bloomberg revise spending projections downward. On Sunday, Speaker Christine Quinn and the City Council released $495 million in proposed budget cuts over the next two years, including an item that would slash spending on bike network expansion in half. DOT’s bike network funds would drop from $9.6 million to $4.8 million in 2009, and from $11 million to $5.5 million in 2010. Download this PDF and scroll down to the first item numbered 841, “Reduce Bike Network Development Funding.”
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3 comments to At least we know where they stand…

  • i have to say i generally like what c.quinn has done for nyc but what is up with these city owned cars? i saw a similar photo of EPA employees driving to and from work in their city owned vehicles. this is where funds should be cut.

  • mightychin

    good thing ms sadik-khan spent as much of her budget as she could this year! We might have a bunch of shitty bike lanes now but at least we have them.

  • bklyn

    Quinn is responsible for overturning will of the people with term limits. Check out her opponent, she is much more progressive and I think she is involved with Time’s Up.