New Bike shop opens up tomorrow in Brooklyn

Owner Brian Gluck is opening the Brooklyn Bike and Board at 560 Vanderbilt Ave. in Brooklyn.

He had this to say about his new shop:

We are going to be geared toward the commuter and the urban cyclist. I’ll carry lots of blinkey’s, fenders, hoody’s, and wool clothing. My bike’s will be old, classic rebuilds. Steel, solid, comfortable, and reliable. I may carry some new bikes in the future. But we’ll see.

I’m opening for the first time tomorrow, but as of right now, it will only be for repairs. I hope to be able to expand the retail part in a month or so.

Best of luck to you Brian.

(Wow, nice to see all these new bicycle stores…keep it up)

4 comments to New Bike shop opens up tomorrow in Brooklyn

  • mightychin

    jacking the old Bicycle station spot? For fans of Mike and the crew, bicycle station moved to Park and Adelphi. Go find them there for repairs and care.

  • Kerthy Fix

    Yeah, I miss Bicycle Station too, but these guys are great and they open when they say they will (9am no less!) and do the work on time and are very friendly.

    I loved Mike and the crew but sometimes it could take weeks to get my bike back and I’m a daily commuter. I’m just grateful to still have a neighborhood bike shop!

  • Eve S

    I love the new bike store. I stopped by yesterday. They were super friendly, fast, knowledgeable and inexpensive.
    I’ve never been to Bicycle Station and I’m sure they’re good as well, but my roommate whom has been there said that they were too crowded and took forever for some repairs.
    I’ve found my new repair shop and it’s only a short bike ride away from my hood, Fort Greene. Yay!

  • Chun

    Where is the Brooklyn Bicycle store ??
    on vandebilt ave or Park Slope???