Bikes in Buildings Bill

One of the biggest barriers to increasing ridership in New York City has been an aggressive and often infantile building policy against the bicycle. Often a UPS delivery person can bring into a building a stack of boxes weighted town precariously, on a hand truck but the minute a doorman sees a bicycle…OH NO! People want to ride their bikes to work but are often met with this kind of behavior and don’t want to leave their modes of transportation out on the street.

Things may change according to the Bikes in Buildings Bill (PDF) put together by city councilmen David Yassky.

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Tomorrow, Monday-December 8th, 2008 the City Council’s Transportation Committee will take up this important issue and hopefully sign it into effect.

From Streetsblog reporter Ben Fried,
On Monday afternoon the City Council’s transportation committee will take up the Bikes in Buildings Bill, which addresses a major obstacle to bike commuting. The legislation would give people who work in commercial buildings the right to bring their bikes inside the workplace, if they have the consent of their employer. Transportation Alternatives director Paul White calls it “one of the easiest ways to enable much greener travel in New York City.” The bill’s prospects look promising: Bloomberg reports that it enjoys the active support of the mayor, and most of the City Council is expected to sign on.

The public can testify at Monday’s hearing, scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. in the main council chamber at City Hall.

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