Critical Charges against Critical Mass Cop

Remember the rookie cop, officer Patrick Pogan, who shoved Christopher Long off his bike in Time’s Square during Critical Mass?

Well the cops been in indicted

Read the whole story from the New York Times here.

Lame Ducks Shoes.

I can’t imagine why any Iraqi’s would be upset with President Bush?  But the shoes went flying at the lame duck on his suprise visit to Baghdad.  Don’t worry the President wasn’t hurt and still has no sole.  But if the shoe fits…wear […]

At least we know where they stand…

Next to their Gas Guzzling SUV’s…. picture by: Steven Hirsch

picture of: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and her city-owned Chevy Suburban.

taken from another article by Ben Fried from streets

Make way for more budget cuts…including for bicycle infrastructure.

Article: City Council Proposes Slashing Funds for Bike Network


Time wasters…

Here’s a bunch of videos to pass the time away…

How to treat a fixed gear… Bonerjamz from Ian Roche on Vimeo.

Steve Hartley, ripping it up in PA. Fdr Session from steve hartley on Vimeo.

Fixed gears on the track found at 6th SBYL – Via Velodrome from licenseoul on Vimeo.


New Bike shop opens up tomorrow in Brooklyn

Owner Brian Gluck is opening the Brooklyn Bike and Board at 560 Vanderbilt Ave. in Brooklyn. He had this to say about his new shop:

We are going to be geared toward the commuter and the urban cyclist. I’ll carry lots of blinkey’s, fenders, hoody’s, and wool clothing. My bike’s will be old, […]

Report on 8th Ave. Bike Lane

Jefferson Siegel recently filed this report in the Villager about newly constructed bike lanes on 8th Ave.

Villager photo by Jefferson Siegel A cyclist pedaling in traffic heading north on Eighth Ave. at 14th St. last week avoided the new cycle-track bike lane, at right. Only cars turning left can enter the cycle-track […]

New Bike Shop in Harlem

There’s a new bike shop in town…uptown.

Modsquad Cycles 2119 Frederick Douglass Blvd New York, NY 10026 (212) 865-5050

a message from the owners:

Harlem has a new bike shop located at 2119 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (btwn 114th and 115th). Owned and operated by Harlem resident and bike enthusiast, Oye Carr. MODSquad […]

Benifit Party tonight for I-witness video

.Who is there to document police misconduct during a protest or critical mass?

I-Witness video.

We’ll tonight you can say thank you.

The I-Ball: A Benefit for I-Witness Video


…featuring performances by Inner Princess! The Rude Mechanical Orchestra! Jewlia Eisenberg (of Charming Hostess)! Jan Bell! The Stationary […]

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Social Networking, come on…everyone’s doing it! Join the peer pressure and join my bikeblog face book group.

I’m sure you don’t have better things to do than be on the internet all day long. But while you’re looking for that new job at Lehman Brothers…let me know who is out […]

New Yorker

Nice cover on the latest New Yorker…Figures that slave driver Santa is whipping the pedi-cab rider.