Report of Clown ride, Kent Ave.

Here is a report form the clown ride on the Kent Ave. bike lane in Brooklyn from

One commenter on Gothamist responded about the proposed greenway in Williamsburg, which could be a welcome alternative to inefficient bike lanes. Included is a link to the brooklyn greenway website.

#2: There is a proposed greenway from Greenway to Redhook that has been on the drawing board for a long, long time.

I can’t remember if Kent is actually part of that greenway or not but people have been trying to get a safe path from north to south brooklyn through for years.

There’s details here:

2 comments to Report of Clown ride, Kent Ave.

  • Dart Parker

    Yea man, we should be pleased w the HUGE leaps and bounds the city has taken with parks, greenways and bike lanes over the past few yrs… They really threw a lot of cash at those developments… I would imagine these new proposals will be shot down, as they should be, to spend money in more appropriate places now that we’re cutting back so drastically…

  • Rob

    Transportation Alternatives online petition to save the Kent Ave bike lanes: