Stop Clowning around with the Bike Lanes.

Feeling the pressure from an irate Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn who don’t have enough places to park their mini-vans, the city council is trying to remove bike lanes.

Well, the Clowns have a thing or two to say about that:

Wednesday, December 17th, 8:30 a.m.
Meet at the Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge

Time’s Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade Ride to Defend Kent Street Bike Lane

Join the Time’s Up! Bicycle Clowns Wednesday morning to defend the new bike lane on Kent Avenue. We will be clearing the bike lane of motor vehicles so that cyclists can safely commute to work. We will also be kicking off our year-long LOVE YOUR LANES campaign to keep the focus on protecting and celebrating bike lanes.

A small but vocal group is spreading anti-bike sentiment in Brooklyn at a time when non-polluting transportation is on the rise in NYC and is recognized as essential to a sustainable future. The Bicycle Clowns will use theatre to comically draw attention to the serious danger faced by cyclists without safe, protected bike lanes.

Let’s defend our lanes and promote a more sustainable alternative! Help us re-imagine our city’s future with far less dependancy on motorized travel.

Press Release with additional information:
Time’s Up Bike Lane Liberation

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