Tax incentives for biking to work in California.

One good thing to come out of the bailout was a tax benefit for people who bicycle to work.
Here is some information on that in California from the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

Well, Jon Kessler isn’t going to wait around for this to get implemented, like waiting for banks to come clean on how they spent our money, so he has introduced:

Jon created this website to make it as simple as possible for people to get cash for biking to work.

From the site:
“Bike Bux are the new tax incentive for anyone who rides a bike to work. If you or your employees travel by bicycle for a substantial part of the commute, then Bike Bux are for you.

Beginning in January 2009, cyclists throughout the United States can get up to $240 per year in Bike Bux tax-free to help cover the costs of riding to work. Bike Bux are redeemable at bike and sporting goods stores nationwide for bikes, bike-related gear and supplies, repairs and even bike storage.

Bike Bux come in three sizes: $20, $60 and $240 cards.

To get Bike Bux tax-free you must get them through your employer. Employers of all sizes can offer Bike Bux. In fact, if your employees do not love Bike Bux we will give you a 110% refund.”

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