America will have its first Black President…now…

The Tour De France needs at least one black rider. There hasn’t been one in 106 years of this cycling classic. Maybe the Kenyians will find as much success on the bike as they do with running.

Read about their quest in this article.

Find out more at the african cyclist project […]

Are you ready for OBAMA?

Anyone biking to DC for the January 20th inauguration? Now I know we are all going to miss poor Georgie: 30,000 people off of those roofs.

For people going to DC, there is lots to do as well as seeing our first African American president sworn into office.

John Dinn of Demoncats is throwing […]

New T-shirts available from Fixtee

David over at Fixtee presents: In Lock Rings we trust.

These guys are making a new t-shirt design every month. You can also get the other months designs at

Stupor Bowl 12 is coming

One of the longest running alleycats races is coming to Minneapolis.

January 30-31st.

Keep track of whats coming at

and wear your helmet…This Race ain’t for everyone…only the sexy people. pictures from last years race from deplaqer […]