Are you ready for OBAMA?

Anyone biking to DC for the January 20th inauguration?
Now I know we are all going to miss poor Georgie:

30,000 people off of those roofs.

For people going to DC, there is lots to do as well as seeing our first African American president sworn into office.

John Dinn of Demoncats is throwing an alleycatrace:
He’s also been kind enough to give me a list of some other bike-friendly sites, bars and places to eat in the DC area:

Best place to get a bite?
-The Bulgogi cart at 14th St@L St NW ($7.00 beef/chicken w/ kim chee)
-The Burrito cart at the corner of 15th St@K St NW ($4.00-$6.00 amazing vegetarian small-baby-sized burritos with 25 different hot sauces)
-The Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan (fucking awesome falafel and pita and frites with garlic mayo and an awesome fixins bar!

Good Paths to Bike to see DC?
-Mt Vernon Trail all the way to Mt Vernon, GW’s personal estate.
-Rock Creek Park, sorry Central Park, but Rock Creek Park is where it’s at when in come to cycling in a massive city park, Beach Dr is the main artery.
-C&O Canal- Historic and flat graded path along the old canal lock- 180-odd miles from West Virginia to the middle of old Georgetown

Bike Blogs or Resources?

Sites to see in DC by Bike? Come on, it’s DC. Anything and everything. The White House, The Capitol, The House, The Senate, The Mall, The Lincoln Memorial, The FDR Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, All the Smithsonian Museums (which are free!), The Mall, The Vietnam War Memorial. All of it accessible by bike.

Personal favorites? On the NW side of the U.S. Capitol Grounds, there is a small red sandstone grotto with a fresh water fountain in it! On a hot summer day, it is the coolest spot in the hot humid city- remember, DC used to be a swamp. And on the mall, there is a small white marble rotunda which is the WWI memorial to the DC citizens who died in that war. Very solemn.

Other cool Hang Outs? Any alley or park where you can out with courier friends and have a brew.

Best place for Bike Perverts to hang out? The Royal Palace. Connecticut@Florida NW The girls are nice and a touch slutty. Me likey!

Anything else you want to say about biking in DC. DC is a great city to ride around in. The drivers aren’t very aggressive and there is only one Ghost Bike that I know of in the District. That’s gotta say something.

Racing for Victory and free beer!!!

A little Obama dance party with Adam Freeland and Daft Punk

and Mad magazine has a great spoof on Obamas first 100minutes in office:

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