BikeBlog Round Up-week of 1/26/09

Whats happening in the world of bike blogs:

NYC: Squid’s messenger company and blog,
alerted us that there is an alleycat for the New York Bike Messenger Fund
February 13th–Friday the 13th!!
and artist Greg Ugalde submits this artwork for 2009 North American Cycle Courier Championships in Boston:
Meanwhile Diablo’s making his own spots for- Under Armour

John Prolly
posted this from the NYTimes. Article and Slideshow on Hugo Giron from Snap Couriers in Brooklyn.
The article is a review of Bike Lights. Props to Hugo who started Brooklyn’s first courier service.

Urbanvelo has news on the 5th annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show
The show is from February 27th-March 1st in Indianapolis, Indiana.
On the opening night they’ll be having an ARTBike party, where artists, cyclists, friends, media and pretty much anyone else will celebrate art and bikes. Everyone loves a parade!

Trackosaurusrex posted this video of track bikes riding in a pool so remote even a 4×4 pickup truck can’t get to.

No Cassettes Webisode 1 from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.”

Check out what the kids are doing in Austin Texas at:
One thing, there making videos:

ATX FIXED 3 from Arak Avakian on Vimeo.

and finally check out this fixed blog from Singapore.
Wow, its infectious huh…and what do they post?
Cool videos from BMX in Thailand:

Brothers in Thailand from Christopher San Agustin on Vimeo.
Bringing it right back home…videos of NYC.

New York 2008 from Vicente Sahuc on Vimeo.

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