Help Bikeblognyc’s circulation.

Hello loyal readers and occasional voyeurs. I would love to increase my circulation and one way to achieve this would be to get added to the NYTimes CityRoom Blog’s Blogroll. (right side column) Ah, yes, the blog of the paper of such prestige.

They have linked several of my postings. Most recently this video about SLC biking-

So somebody is watching. Besides my own propagandizing, I feel, my postings help circulate the news, stories, video and information about the bicycle community in NYC and around the world. This brings us one step closer to world bicycle domination. (Insert maniacal Dr. Evil laughter, finger to mouth optional)

So please leave comments on this specific posting and ask them to add me to their blogroll.

For some reason their email: is not working therefore I have no way of contacting them.

Maybe if enough people comment, they will take notice.

Also if you are a fellow Bikeblogger out their, and you like what I post and write about, please add me to your blog roll.
I have quite an extensive links page and would love to reciprocate the linkage.

Sorry for the pandering. The next thing you know I’ll be offering a free tote bag. Now back to your regularly scheduled ranting.

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