LA magazine has huge spread on bike culture.

Matthew Segal has recently written a massive article on the thriving bicycle culture in Los Angeles for LA magazine:

“Perhaps the most hallowed crossroads in Los Angeles bike culture is the intersection of Melrose Avenue and Heliotrope Drive. That’s where you’ll find the Bicycle Kitchen, a tiny storefront with screwdrivers and wrenches adorning its smudged walls and salvaged bike frames hanging from the ceiling. For a suggested donation of $7 an hour, you can come in, throw your bike on a rack, borrow tools, and get guidance on how to make repairs, whether it’s fixing a flat or fashioning a rim. The enterprise offers an affordable alternative to regular bike shops, which can charge as much as $75 for a tune-up, but what galvanizes the volunteers who work here is the idea of building a self-sustaining community.”>

read the article here.

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