Looking for Racers for Monster Track

NYC’s premiere alleycat race will be 10 years old in February. Monster Track. Fixed gears only…no brakes. Looking for people who plan on racing this year, for the first time. Maybe even your first alleycat.

Also looking for people who might be coming from out of town.

I’m writing an article about this race and want to get some perspectives from some new blood.

7 comments to Looking for Racers for Monster Track

  • Do I count? I’ll be coming down from albany.

  • diegoTR

    Whens the race happening? I’m moving up in early march and would love to
    Meet some new people and race,just hope I don’t get t boned by a cab
    Like that chick from pedal

  • david

    my first alleycat was cranksgiving and i’m planning to do monstertrack. not for the glory, but just to be out on the street.

  • “not for the glory, but just to be out on the street.”
    …that _is_ the glory.

  • irv the rookie

    i know its in new york but do u know where its going to start? i was thinking about doing the anit-valentines day race but i want to pop my cherry with a big one like monster taking off work just for monster track hope its open to all not like last year.see you out there.david hope i see you cuz you on my rader since its you second and my first.

  • MightyChin

    MTX is open to all, but rookies should beware… this is the real.

    Its happening 2/28. The start location will be announced the night before the race and will NOT be widely disseminated on the internet. Come out to the pre-party Friday night, race Goldsprints, bring your dopest track bike for the best build show and have a rad time.

    Check periodically for info, updates and color from the organizing cabal.

  • Yes, I remember this, I was there and the action was amazing.