Messenger Town Blog

Its not just about the bikes we ride, but also the cities we ride them in.
A courier in London has started this blog Messengertown. Here is a little Info from the site:
“This is a companion blog to the Messenger Town group on Flickr, which is exclusively for cycle couriers (bicycle messengers) to share photos they have taken of the city they work in.

It’s not about messengers, it’s not about bikes – it’s about our cities.

All members of the Flickr group are invited to post here, where we will be able to explore each others cities in a little more depth than Flickr is designed for.”

Picture from London from ( twentythree )
Picture from Manchester from ( zeroliberation who started the messenger town blog.)

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  • zero

    Hey – thanks for the plug. As a point of fact, yes I am from London, but been plying my trade in Manchester since the turn of the century. And welcome aboard!