MTA makes train cars more bike-friendly

MTA adds bike hooks on their M7 trains according to Aaron Naparstek of Streetsblog.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a seamless relationship for people who want to combine their commutes with the MTA.
you can send comments about these hooks at:

This is a prime time to get feedback to the MTA.
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Elliot Lee Sanders, will be on the Brian Lehrer Show’s every Thursday this month to answer questions about fare hikes, service interruptions and hopefully some positive steps as well.

Brian Lehrer is taking your questions in advance at:

I posted this question:

Looks like M7 train cars have added special hooks for bicycles. Are there any plans to create more infrastructure for riders who want to combine their commutes with public transit and bikes? The best example I can think of is putting self operated bike racks on the front of buses.

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