Report from Bega on DC alleycat

Congratulations to Elliot shown here in Blue (in the middle)
with Fast Eddie Williams, photographer and alleycat organizer, John Dinn on the right.

Elliot won the Obama Inauguralleycat.

Shawn “bega” Blumenfeld was on hand and has this to report:

last inauguration posting…
the parade is still going on but we’re all done. rode our
bikes 82 miles today!

thanks to the thousands of cyclist who took advantage of
the WABA bike valet. thanks to the hundreds of bike
messengers who came from out of town to join us dc folk in
this great celebration. and thanks to all of you for
following along and enjoying the inauguration with us.

see you in 4 years!

More on this at and some other stuff about some guy being our 44th president and just a few million people who came out to see it.

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