Stimulate the bike!

Not to be left out of all of us bikebloggers, blogging about the same thing…I wanted to post this about a worthy website.

Andy in Ithaca, NY has started
Whats this you ask? Another bike porn website…dirty minds.
Its more about gathering like-minded bike enthusiasts and green
conscious people not to use the new economic stimulus package to buy a foot massager or a new flatscreen tv, but rather to make the following pledge and get involved:

(from the site)
Make The Pledge
President-elect Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package will give an estimated $500 per person through altered tax-withholding over 4 months this year. There are several ways to use this money towards helping your local economy, increase your fitness, and reduce our dependence on cars. Make the pledge today to use this money for a worthwhile purpose!

More Ideas
Do you have other ideas of great ways to use your economic stimulus money to get active or support bikes this year? You are welcome to post comments below!

Share Your Story
Do you have a story about your bike, your commute, your advocacy, or what you plan to use your stimulus money for? We will feature stories from time to time, so please email them to

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