Stolen bikes, found bikes.

I’m going to keep up the Stolen bikes page in hopes of continuing to provide a resource for people to list information about their stolen bicycle property.

Maria Wallace had her bike stolen on December 17th…here is her story:

Well my bike was stolen the 17th and I aint found it yet so if
you see it, tackle the person riding it or something, return it
to me and I will give you money.

It is silver/ grey sandblasted aluminum with no gears (single
speed) road bike (originally a trek), rear rack (brand new
black), leather seat with springs, straight bars, 53 cm, a
couple mangy stickers, rear canti bosses and v brake, flat
pedals, custom spacers on rear hub…

taken from 9th st in park slope btw 6th & 7th av. The cops said
the guys who usually steal bikes there sometimes sell or try to
sell them to restaurants for deliveries.

Please look at the photo/ sketch. THANK YOU! I hope it wants
to come back to me.

Any information contact: Maria at

Meanwhile, in an interesting development, one of the first bikes I posted on the list recently resurfaced.

A couple of bikeblog readers informed me that the “Stolen Fuji” had been posted on this police auction site: No one knows how this bike ended up on this site, or in the hands of the police, but there it was with bids on it.
I guess, this is one place to look if your bike has been nabbed.

The owner of the Fuji, Stephen Harell contacted me and had this to say:

“Mr. Green,

I enjoy you website very much, and I wanted to thank you for posting my stolen bike ad on your blog (it’s the second one, the black and yellow taped fuji). I’m sorry I haven’t had the chance to do so sooner, but I’ve been recovering from the injuries I received on election night and generally very busy. But the new year is where things get interesting.
A friend of mine heard about a website to bid on bicycles. On his first visit to the site this monday he saw my bicycle for auction with 5 hours left. I immediately contacted the website and giving them some details about my bike that were unavailable on the listing convinced them to close the auction. I then ran into a hitch when they tried to send the bike back to the NYPD. Apparently the police have no paperwork attatched to the bike and want it sold. They did not want to give me a chance to prove it was mine. After some back and forth with the NYPD and I convinced them to hold off on selling my bike until I could send them some evidence. Unfortunately, despite photos, receipts and “stolen bike” ads I don’t have the serial # off the bike, so they are reluctant to give it up. I’ve definitely learned to record all info on any bike I own from now on.
Anyway, if you could leave my “stolen fuji” listing up for a while longer so that the cops can reference it, I’d appreciate it. I also thank you for putting it up on your page to begin with.
I would appreciate any advice that you have on this subject as I try to get my bike back, but mostly I just want to let you know that it’s been found in the possession of the police (how it got there I have’t a clue and am hesitant to speculate). Thank you for your assistance, and keep up the good work on the blog.


Stephen may be getting his bike back…so stay tuned.

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