1001 less Cops in NYC

As a way of budget cuts for the NYPD, there will be no new round of cadets for 2010, reducing the total numbers of the force to about 34,000. But don’t worry, its still the largest police force in America. One officer we won’t mind seeing go is the body slamming officer Pogan, famous for his moves in Time’s Square during a critical mass ride. Gothamist reports the rookie cop was fired. Of course his lawyers claim he quit in order to concentrate on the legal proceeding against him. Here is my list of new jobs for Pogan,
A) nurse in senior center
B) toll booth clerk on Robert Kennedy Bridge
C) undercover cop
D) clown in cirquedusoleil
E) unemployed…like 3 million other Americans.

Interesting, with all these budget cuts, the NYPD still finds the resources to deploy 50 cops on a freezing cold critical mass ride in January with about 35 bikers. Gotta love it.

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