I was killed by a car, Happy Valentines Day.

You’d think advertisers would have learned a lesson about taking our memorials and selling products…but they have short memories.

This happened last year, right before fashion week. DKNY put up orange bikes all over the city, which no one could ride just to promote their new spring line, which had nothing to do with cycling.

Now Macy’s is getting into the act of stealing the ghostbikes.

Gothamist reported this story of a recent Macy’s display…”My Funny Valentine.” ha ha ha hahahah. People being killed on the streets by motor vechiles…how funny.

Elina Kazan, director of marketing for Macy’s, had this explanation, in response to a spokesperson for Ghostbikes drawing a comparison to the display: “Bicycles are not a new element in visual presentations especially during the spring season. The spray painted bicycle your reader is referring to is one of many elements that make up our current visual display in store and in the windows that have been painted white. Our spring campaign showcases scenes of the season via color blocking, in this instance white. Unfortunately, your reader is drawing an unintended association from a visual display in our store.”
Yeah how could anyone draw a comparison…that Macy’s display doesn’t look anything like a ghost bike.

Thanks to Kalim Armstrong who brought this to my attention. Kalim is a film maker who made the movie: Orange bikes take Manhattan at last years bicycle film festival. Here is an HD version of the film.

ORANGE BIKES TAKE MANHATTAN from Kalim Armstrong on Vimeo.

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