Love your Lanes Campaign, Ride and Party.

Time’s Up is always looking for the positive and turning lemons into that sweet tangy juice, so in their latest Lemonade project, is about love for bike lanes. So, if the Hasidic community is irate over the lose of parking or there are too many pedestrians in the bike lane down Broadway, Time’s Up is taking the high road and trying to spread the love.

Their latest plan is called the:

Love Your Lane Campaign

(picture by Peter Meitzler)

read more about it here:

More importantly, there is a ride and party!!!!


Saturday, February 14th 7 p.m.
Astor Place Cube, NY, 8th Street and Lafayette Street

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day with your true love- your bicycle, and ride through Manhattan’s lover’s lanes. Join the Party on Wheels as we listen to love ballads from the soundbike, throw roses at all the cars parked outside of the bike lanes and spread the message of love to all the drivers we pass stuck in traffic. Road rage is OUT, bike-lane-loving is IN. The ride ends at the after party.

The After Party,
Bringing the Skate Community together with the bikers at the Autum Bowl

Info on the party:
Saturday, February 14th, @ 8:30 p.m.
The Autumn Bowl, 73 West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
With Team Robespierre and DJs Stache and K-Tel
This is a Time’s Up! Fundraiser- $10

Love Your Bike Lanes with Time’s Up! at the Autumn Bowl- Celebrate bike infrastructure with an awesome dance party in the skate bowl! Team Robespierre and DJs Stache and K-Tel will make you dance in this funky space. Come with or without a sweetheart, free food, and free valet bike parking. Dress for love.

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