Monster Track Profile #6, Chris Thormann

Another Young Hotshot racing Monster Track!


How old are you? 25
Where do you live? midtown south/upper west
What bikes do you own? gtb track bike, continuum track frame, gt zr 1.0 road, shogun steel road
What got you into track bikes? when i started working as a messenger i noticed most of the messengers had track bikes. I thought they were awesome. Plus my Schwinn single speed was a bit too big for me and the frame was broken in the seat stays.
Are you a messenger? How long? What companies? Yes. I have been working as a messenger since winter 2005. I started working at Breakaway and than NY Minute. My dispatcher recruited me while i was riding home on Amsterdam and 86st.
What got you into alleycats? I saw a flyer for the 2005 halloween race. Ken S., actually briefed me on the whole alleycat thing and told me when to show up.
What do you like about them? How different they are. No race is the same. Hanging out and partying with i guess you can call them “co-workers”/friends is always awesome.
What was your first Monster Track? 2006.I needed a wheel and at the time I was working for Breakaway because i got fired from the Minute because I did not show up for a week. Squid loaned me a wheel to race in and when I went to the office to pick it up, Kid my old dispatcher asked me if I wanted to come back. I told him to let me finish off the week. It was my second day riding with a fixed wheel. Dan actually went with me to A-bikes to take off my brakes saturday morning. Everything was good. I was actually in the lead pack behind Alfred, Felipe, Pete from Boston and Andy White. Coming up on St.James with one checkpoint to go (king kog), there was a extra long MTA bus and i was riding on the double-yellow lines. When i approached the front, this girl popped out in front of me, flipping me over. I was riding with Andy from Ohio. My wheel was done. She was fine. I walked the rest of the way. I got like 113th or something.
How many Monster Tracks have you raced? How have you done? 3. This is my 4th.
What is unique about Monster Track? Best of the best show up and battle it out. This is like our Daytona 500.
What does it mean to you that this race is 10 years old? Everything! History you name it, that is what it means. There have been 7 winners, I am looking to be the 8th.
Who should race alleycats? Messengers Only? Who ever knows how to ride their bike safely through traffic without being a total asshole.
What do you think about the liability issues? As a racer, as an organizer? I do not consider alleycats as Illegal. People consider them as illegal because of the reds. I do not believe in the whole “bikes should stop for reds”. Were not motor-vehicles.
What is the future for alleycat racing? will we see it in the X games 2020? NO. I don’t agree with alleycats being on tv, but thats just me. Keep that shit on Youtube or on the “DL”.
What do you think of the rise of popularity of track bikes and all these people coming out to race? I mean I don’t care, as long as that people understand what they are getting in to. It seems like people ride/race track bikes is because of this uprising scene. When I started riding, I started because it seemed like fun, now it seems like people are doing it to fit in.
What are your future cycling goals? Win Monstertrack, Rumble, Four of July, Cranksgiving, NACCCs or Worlds. Become a cat 3 on the road and track. When I finish school, I want to get more involved with the city and cycling safety for messengers, commuters and pedestrians.

10 comments to Monster Track Profile #6, Chris Thormann

  • hustlejr.

    “I do not believe in the whole “bikes should stop for reds”. Were not motor-vehicles.”

    That’s a horrible argument.

    Cars stop for reds because they’re on the road. Bikes are on the road too so it makes sense that they follow the same rules. Right?

    If you don’t understand maybe it would be best for everyone if you didn’t get into cycling/pedestrian safety.

  • Dan

    No it doesn’t make sense because car’s are 20x larger than bikes, less maneuverable, slower to accelerate and stop, and have less operator visibility. If cars didn’t exist, there would be no need for traffic lights.

    Every other vehicle or pedestrian could easily navigate an intersection safely. As it stands, most cyclists obey the traffic lights because it keeps them safe from cars. If a cyclist chooses to run a light, it is because they are confident enough in their riding skills that they can move through traffic without impeding anyone else. They aren’t going to kill anyone unless they do something totally dumbass.

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