Monster Track Profiles #4. Squid

BikeBlogNYC is proud to introduce a man who needs no introduction. Kevin Bolger, otherwise known as Squid. Rolling with alleycats, messengering, racing and organizing long before this thing called “Monster Track.” Pay attention kids, cause you just might learn something from a true Innovator. Its is our honor to present:
Photos by: Mark Cafiero

How old are you? 37.
Where do you live? Weeksville, Brooklyn.
What bikes do you own? Cannondale Capo, Swobo Sanchez, MOTH, Fat Tire Cruiser.
What got you into track bikes? My brother who was a messenger before me, and my good friend Slacker Tim.
How long have you been messengering? Started in September of 1992.
What got you into alleycats? I went to my first Cycle Messenger World Championships in 1995 (Toronto). This is where I learned about the messenger community and alleycats.
What do you like about them? Fun and informal. You can ride fast or slow, a great way to see the city and ride with friends.
What was your first Monster Track? I raced in all the MT’s up until 2006.
What was the first Monster Track like? Who organized it? Organized by Snake. It was in late February. Cold with snow around. There was a strong and proud ‘no brakes’ fix riding community in New York. This event tapped into the love for speed and skill on the street.
How many people came out? Thirty some odd messengers raced.
How many Monster Tracks have you raced? I raced in six total.
How have you done? Lucky to always do well, a lot of top ten’s and won it in 2003.
What is unique about Monster Track? I believe it was the first annual no brakes messenger event* and contributed to the boom in riding track bikes on the street.
*I raced in a no brakes alleycat at CMWC 96 in San Francisco.
What does it mean to you that this race is 10 years old? It means I am getting old! Still love riding track and happy to see city biking is growing in the US.
Who should race alleycats? Messengers Only? ‘All City Bikers Welcome’ is what we put on almost all of the early NY event flyers. It’s a better party when the doors are open.
What do you think about the liability issues? Always a concern, especially since younger kids are coming out to ride and some big prizes can encourage reckless behavior.
As a racer, I’ve only raced once since Keiran was born in 2007, different priorities now.
As an organizer, I have moved on from alleycats and have been organizing Velodrome events for the past four years.
How many Monster Tracks have you organized? I helped out with all the MT’s up until last year.
What is the future of alleycat racing? will we see it in the X games 2020? Alleycats will outlast x-games. Alleycats will continue to spread around the world and turn more people on to urban cycling.
What do you think of the rise of popularity of track bikes and all these people coming out to race? I am all for it, it is a better future with more people on bikes.
What are your future cycling goals? Velo City 2009 is hitting at least seven velodromes. More info at VeloCity2009.
Also working towards getting a portable Figure 8 Velodrome built.
Ride Safe! and See You on the Street-


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  • Dude you went above and beyond with the photo credits. Thanks and you are always welcome to whatever! That figure 8 track looks insane, I would want to ride that.

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    Well, I’ve had problems in the past with my “good intentions.” I try to have a policy of credit where credit is due. Thanks for allowing me to put them up without getting in touch with you first…also send me your email to