Monster Track Profiles-Part 2, Dan Chabanov

In my on going series of those who make up Monster Track, I present Dan Chabanov. A strong young racer who is really showing a lot of promise in competitive cycling. Dan’s been winning a lot of alleycats and one to look out for in Monster Track 10.
photo from his blog:
photo by: Dave August

Dan’s Profile:
How old are you? 21
How long did you messenger? and for what companies? It’s going to be 3 years in October. I worked for Breakaway when i started. Then switched to Elite Couriers. I worked for my friends at Trackstar Couriers for two months but went back to Elite and thats where I am now.
What bikes do you own? Nagasawa Track, Faini Pista, Viner Road set up with flat bars, Bianchi Cross, and my Raleigh Carbon Uber bike.
Where do you reside? Greenpoint, Brooklyn
What got you into riding a track bike? It just seemed like the next logical step after i set up my single speed when i first came to NYC. The simpler the better.
what got you into alleycat racing? It was the most accessible form of racing to me.
What was your first Monster Track? How did it go? MTVII was my first. I think i ended up finishing somewhere in the twenties.
How competitive do you get? Over the last three years I have gotten a lot more competitive than when i first started racing.
What kind of an athlete are you? I don’t really know what this question means.
What do you say to the fast rookies coming up? Go log some miles, get beat, get beat some more, lose a bunch, go cross eyed as people pull away from you, learn about winning, get fast.
What is unique about Monster Track? Nothing really. Its just a no bullshit race in NYC. I think the people that participate give it a certain hype. Which is fine by me it brings more people from out of town and everyone who races steps up their game a bit. The no breaks/fixed only thing helps to set up a more or less a level playing field and it deters some people from entering. At least in theory it does. Seems like it attracts more people then it deters these days.
What do you think of Monster Track being 10 years old this year? Not a whole lot. I think MT will be around for a long time.
what other alleycats have you done and in what other cities? Too many to name really. I’ve raced in NYC, Baltimore, Boston, DC, Toronto, Montreal, Philly, SF, London… Probably close to 50 alleycats in the last few years.
Who should race alleycats? only messengers? What about the liability factors? Young and/or inexperienced couriers are just as much of a liability as young and/or inexperienced non-messengers. In every form of racing the more experienced rider will always be the safer wheel to follow. People just need to be aware of their limits and take responsibility. Just like when I am at work I have to be a professional and asses the risks involved in taking certain lines. And when you do get in to trouble you have to make sure you don’t drag everyone down with you.
What do you think of the trend of fixed gears now and how it has evolved? I try to stay away from all that. Sure more people on bikes and all that great stuff. I ride my track bike at work and in my spare time i train and race with my Kissena team mates. I would say I’m fairly apathetic towards the whole trend thing.
What is the future of alleycat racing? Will we see it in the Xgames 2020? I think alleycats cant really get bigger then they are now without encountering some organization issues. It’s impossible to have an alleycat with over 200 participants and try to keep it “under wraps”. Look at what happened with last year’s Monster Track… If alleycats were a part of the X Games they are no longer alleycats. Period. We already have sanctioned racing, it’s called the CMWC.
What are your competitive cycling goals now? I want to repeat my win at the Green Mountain stage race. Drinking more diesel with the Crusher. That’s about it.

no brakes no fear.

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