Today is a “Track Bike Holiday”-Monster Track 10

get your alleycat skills on:

video from Diablo at

He’ll be having photos up throughout the day of the race on his site.
otherwise go to continuumcycles 199 Ave. B. Register to race.
Around 1:00pm

Happy Monster Track 10

4 comments to Today is a “Track Bike Holiday”-Monster Track 10

  • count raffulon

    I had these things added onto my bike called “brakes” and they help me to stop really quickly without potentially smashing my head all over the sidewalk (especially when it’s wet outside) or falling off my bike into traffic.

    But seriously, if you’re fast and you know how to navigate the city, is the 1 extra second you’re saving yourself leaping over the handlebars (and potentially destroying your crotch) really going to make a difference?

  • fixed queer

    fixed gear bikes are gaaaaaaaaaay

  • nice try
    what ever you are the bike lover for make it good trick you try so hard ..keep working

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