Quick Video from the Start of Monster Track 10

Monster Track 10 from Michael Green on Vimeo.

hmmm, sounds like a fake.

In case you were loosing any sleep over this: According to Joshua over at this Youtube video I posted about a kinetic sculpture in Budapest is only a concept. It was a nice editing job.

But… Open Bicycle is not a fake and neither is this video of wall riding… Open Bicycle Opening […]

Three of the Top Three!

Crihs, Dan C. and Heather all gave me great profiles on Monster Track. I think it helped in their winning strategy. A true NYC pro! Heather. Pictures from Chris Ryan of Team Spider. More Monster Track 2009 pictures at My Flickr Page […]

Amazing Race-Congratulations to the Winners

Wow. It was a jam packed 2 hour Monster Track Race with all the frills. Skitches on cars, near death experiences, lost in Brooklyn.

Picture by Christopher Ryan of Team Spider

Winner: Chris-NYC 2nd: Jumbo-Copenhagen 3rd: Dan Chabanov-NYC 4th: JT 5th: Kennedy 6th: Lincoln

First Female: Heather.

Nice work.

some more immediate pictures […]