Share your stories of Harassment-Monday.

For all those concerned about the conditions on the streets for cyclists including dangerous drivers and “out of control” bikers on the sidewalk…you should be equally concerned about the on going Harassment campaign of the NYPD towards our cycling community. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you obviously haven’t been […]

Train vs Bike race in New Mexico

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This race in New Mexico will take advantage of the newly completed Railrunner commuter train line that travels from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, 80 miles north. The race begins in Albuquerque. After hitting several checkpoints the racers must catch the train to Santa Fe where they […]

Tomorrow…beware the Pies of March

photo by Michael Mandiberg.

Bike Clown Ride & Astor Place Pie Fight: Bike Clowns vs. Keystone Cops Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Website: Contact: Barbara Ross 917.494.8164

What: Join the Time’s Up! Pies of March Clown Ride and Astor Place Pie Fight: Bike Clowns vs. Keystone Cops Where: Meet 1:30pm at Tompkins […]

Opening Party for Mishka and Interview with Store Designer John Prolly

Now you can get all your Mishka gear at their flagship store.

There is interview with Mishka sponsored blogger, track bike tricks rider and architect…thats right I said Architect… John Prolly on their blog Bloglin.

They ask him 5 questions about being an internet sensation and designing the retail space.

Mad […]

2 races tonight and more. Friday the 13th.

Don’t Forget, NYC. and in Boston: Seattle’s getting down with tricks comp.