Words about last nights Crit.

Words from Dave August about last nights Red Hook Criterium:

Amazing Night. I owe many thanks to the following:

Al Barouh (Race Director). He ran a tight ship. Amazing diplomacy skills with the police. He calmly and respectively handled the pre race negotiations. Al had to give the same spiel to about 5 different cop cars.

Corner Marshals: They did an amazing job of stopping traffic. I really felt like we were on a closed circuit. There were many occasions that cars had to be held back. The chicane was also communicating with the cobblestone corner via radio. As far as I know there wasn’t any close calls with traffic.

Chris Kim: Offered me invaluable advice in running the race and responding the cops.

NYPD: By the end of the night they were some of the most enthusiastic spectators. The cop stationed in turn 1 would honk his horn each lap and command us to “DIG” over the loud speaker.

Kalim and John Hoppin (and film crew). The film crew presence added immensely to the feel of the event. Having cameras shoved in your face at all times made everyone feel like they were at some big time event. I can’t wait to see the footage and complete film. From what I heard from the crown John’s commentary was very entertaining.

NY Times: The reporter who showed up was super cool and was asking all the right questions. Expect an entertaining and exciting article in tomorrow’s edition.

Hali Young: She did a great job handing out the prizes during the podium presentation.


Trimble Racing: My uncle Sam came on as a huge sponsor. He sponsored 1st place prize $300 in $1s. He also provided all of the red themed prizes (Vintage Selle Italia Saddle, Michelin Tires, Craft Jersey, Handlebar tape).

John Taki: He was cool enough to offer up his house for the second year in a row for the after party and awards. The combination bike race/house party adds a lot to the event. He provided both kegs of beer and the sound system. He also sponsored the bottle of red wine for the dinner prime.

Roo Design: My uncle Roo fabricated the 1st place trophy. He’s a genius industrial designer. Luckily I get to have the trophy on display in my apartment since my roommate won it. I’m playing with the idea of having in engraved each year with the winner. The winner get to keep it for the year and then it transfers to the next champion.

Magia Zafeiropoulou: She handled the stress of the registration and even got everyone to pay the entry fee. (Victor we owe you $10 apparently). She sponsored the Olive Oil and Pasta in the dinner prime. She also provided the milk crate podium.

The Coffee Den: They donated 7 bags of Gorilla Coffee and inspired me to create breakfast/dinner primes.

Grandma Katherine’s Granola: My friend Katherine slaved away for an entire day in the kitchen cooking up her special homemade granola. Thankfully both jars ended up in my household. Amazing stuff.

NYC Velo: I visited the shop yesterday to buy the prizes and Andrew hooked us up with heavy discounts.

Spectators: The crowd was amazing. I’ve never had that many people cheering me on before while racing. The roar of the crowd when I sprinted for 2nd was awesome. The cobblestone corner must of had 50 people at it. The constant camera flashes and heckling helped us push hard every lap.

And most importantly the racers. I know the event seemed sketchy and it took some bravery to race. The roadies who had never done something like this before were really terrified before the race and had to put some trust in me that I wasn’t going to get them killed. I could see the fear in their eyes. After the race they were hooked and I think next year we can expect a much heavier turn out from that contingent. The race had an excellent mix of alley cat racers and roadies. Everyone showed extreme bike handling skills and no one crashed (except Eric Robertson who crashed while warming up)

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