Video from 2009 Red Hook Crit.

Words about last nights Crit.

Words from Dave August about last nights Red Hook Criterium:

Amazing Night. I owe many thanks to the following:

Al Barouh (Race Director). He ran a tight ship. Amazing diplomacy skills with the police. He calmly and respectively handled the pre race negotiations. Al had to give the same spiel to about 5 different […]

April is coming…events, events, events

So another month of great bike events. APRIL. First off…Steve “pops” Kleins, old classic april fools race.

I promise to have a full schedule of events coming soon.

More with the legend

Buffalo Bill is the real deal in the worldwide messenger scene. here he is in a photo by Andy Zalan, in 1994. Bill has been posting his old school messenger zine (where moving target all started) online at flickr. Check out this blast from the past linked at his website. […]