A new feature…Bike Blogger of the week

Here is a new feature I want to start where I profile a fellow bike blogger out there and find out what they are blogging about and what the bike scene is like where they are from

My first one features: Meligrosa from San Francisco and her blog is:

Here’s a brief questionnaire she filled out.


Where you live?
San Francisco, Calif.

What bikes do you own?
Two. A beautiful mixte Motobecane|Astra from the 70s that I use most of the time and a road Torpado from the mid 80s. Both steel frames and both blue.

Where do you like to ride to the most?
All 7sq. miles in San Francisco. Every neighborhood has its charm and there’s always a route to cheat even the steepest of hills. I also enjoy riding near the water, it is always very therapeutic.

How long have you been doing your blog?
Since July 2008

What got you into it?
I wanted to share my perspective of things I see/do on a regular basis here in San Francisco. I have been an avid blog reader (all things fashion/bikes/local/technology) for a long time and never thought about starting my own. So one day I thought it would be fun to start one, while I was riding my bicycle home from work.

What is your blogs focus and why?
Bikes, coffee and boys. I love all 3 of them and the first 2 I’m intensely passionate about.

What is the bike scene like where you write about?
The beauty of San Francisco is having plenty of bicycle styles and scenes. There are plenty of different interests from urban riders to triathletes, people that cruise around, mountain bikers, Etc. There are all kinds of groups within the local bicycle community and multiple events that bring them all together. It is fun to be a part of it all.
I ride in normal clothes and mostly skirts or dresses but never bash on people for wearing lycra or something different than my personal likes, the US being ‘so behind’ on bicycle culture, or why my city rocks more than other cities. That is not my goal and I don’t personally believe in being a super snob about things like that.
Bicycling is fun, and San Francisco is a fun city to ride around, period. Keep it safe & simple, and of course caffeinated.

What kind of people read your blog?
People that enjoy seeing different spots all around the city, coffee places, and primarily bicycle lovers. A large part are based here in SF/Bay Area, but nationwide as well. Many fellow bike bloggers visit the blog very often, which is nice.
It has been a great tool to connect with people sharing their very own perspective, point of view, personal style and own interests around the globe, yet the same passion: the bicycle.

What was one of the most interesting experiences you had on a bike?
One afternoon, I was riding alongside Gary Fisher and having a chat about steel frames. At that time I was star-struck, but then it’s funny how you get used to him because suddenly he has been everywhere, in so many bike events around town.

Any memorable posts or comments you want to share?
I love reading and interacting in the comments area. There’s always a few comments that make me smile. A post that was well-liked was the detailed shots & info about my ride, The Frenchie. I had been getting some suggestions to do so for awhile and people seemed super into it, it was very cool.
Also, it has been memorable when people drop nice emails, someone sends me kind words about a specific photograph, or someone from halfway around the globe has reconnected with me because their friend recommended the blog. That was very special.

What are your future goals with your blog?
Right now I’m doing it entirely for fun, as my side little hobby. We’ll see where it goes, it has been an enjoyable experience so far.

Thanks ♥bibkeblognyc! & ride on!

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