Donate to Reverend Billy-For Mayor.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg was so 2 terms ago. And where has all this big money politics gotten us over the last 8 years?

Question: How much would you pay to see Reverend Billy debate Mayor
Mike on Live TV?
Answer: It takes $50,000 in small donations to make that happen.

No, really, this could happen, and it needs to happen. Bloomberg’s
hubris and sense of entitlement is the same illness that leads those
AIG execs and Merril Lynch execs, and those Goldmans Sachs execs, and,
well, all of Mike’s best friends, to think they deserve to be paid
lucrative sums just to show up to work, regardless of the job they’ve
done on the country’s economy.

Bloomy wants a bonus term. All he did was incentivize and cheerlead
for the hyper-development that was at the heart of the bubble. A job
well done? Gimme a break.

Pony up a little donation and watch Billy take it to him. He won’t be
afraid to speak the truth. Speaking truth to power is all that he’s
ever done for the last decade.

From RevBilly:
This November, as the Green Party candidate, I will challenge Michael
Bloomberg – the wealthiest man in NYC – for the highest political
office in town – I’m running for mayor and I’m running to win. Will
you help?

NYC has been through recessions before. Remember the 1970’s when large
corporations fled the city and neighborhood communities and businesses
rallied to save us from total fiscal collapse? We know a healthy
neighborhood IS an economic engine of its own and people should be
rewarded for their hard work, not forced out by development and
“prosperity” they can’t afford. Learn more by watching my recent talk
on neighborhoods.

For every dollar you as a NYC resident contribute – from $10 to $175 –
The Campaign Finance Program will match your donation $6 to 1 after we
reach our first $250K. That means your $175 actually contributes
$1,225 towards amplifying the issues you believe in, reframing this
race, and winning the election. Justice is on the table this year.

Please click here to donate $20, more or whatever you can afford.
Watch the neighborhoods rise.

Reverend Billy Talen

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