Help students with project on bike security.

A good friend of mine Jacob is currently enrolled in the Presido School of Management in San Francisco. This is an very exciting institution which is breaking new ground in “green” sustainable business. Jacob, along with his team, are doing a project on bike security. When I spoke with him it sounded like they were working on some really innovated stuff to reduce bike theft such as GPS tracking devises and text messaging phones when bikes are messed with.
He asked me to post a link to this survey to help with research for the project.

Here is a blurb about the program and his particular project:

I’m part of a team of graduate students at the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco, one of the world’s only schools dedicated entirely to environmental and social sustainability. This semester my team is working to to combat the ongoing scourge of bike theft by developing a product that goes beyond the traditional bike lock approach. We love biking and feel that a product that enabled riders to feel more secure leaving their bikes outside would have direct benefits for the health of people and the planet.

If any of your blog readers have a chance, please fill out the following survey here.
This will greatly help in research for our project.

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  • That photo is of an art installation in front of the MEC store in Vancouver BC. A little while back we plotted to steal it, and then lock it up somewhere else, with a better U lock. (note that it’s only held on with one lock at the rim). The nearest 110V outlet is just up on the roof of the store where the parking lot is. Common sense prevailed however. Instead of stealing it, we locked up an exercise bike to another rack out front, Sheldon style with the lock covering both the wheel and the frame.

    .. When I left Vancouver, it was still there, but someone had stolen the saddle.