MAD AS HELL, ride a bike.

Well it looks inevitable, more money paid to ride a subway and less service…What a Bargain! The MTA seems certain with their doomsday budget and prices are going up. But don’t worry, our beloved Mayor of the people, a commoner, a working stiff…Billionaire Mike Bloomberg, says we should be MAD AS HELL.

Uh, right. No big surprise from the MTA in our broke economy.
I say don’t get mad at the subway fares going up to $2.50…I want everyone to get up out of your chairs and dust off your beater bike and scream “I’m as Mad as hell and I’m going to ride my bike!”

Maybe we should start group rides again for daily commuting…hmmm.
Just in time, the New York Times is launching a new section to their City Room blog called Spokes. Check out the first installment with a a video on some simple bicycle maintenance and some shout out to places to get bikes fixed or fix them yourself.

Read more here.

I think once again, this will be the summer of the Bicycle.

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