Monster Track Profile #8-The Mighty Chin-Organizer

Just wanted to keep it going so here is my profile from this years Monster Track organizer:

The Mighty Chin-Organizer
picture by Kevin Dillard of Demoncats.
How old are you? too old to still be doing this
Where do you reside? peoples republic of brooklyn
What bikes do you own? Bianchi Pista is my daily for the last ten years. I also have a windsor profesional from the early 70’s, a Curtlo pursuit bike with a sweet 80’s paint job, a santa cruz 29er cruiser, a 24″ redline bmx, and a storied long john cargo bike.
How long were you a messenger? for what companies? Dispatcher? long enough to master the job. messenger for 4 years, dispatcher for 2 plus. worked mostly for breakaway couriers
What got you into riding track bikes? I bought my first track bike when i “retired” from daily messenger work. I was always fascinated with the fixed gear bikes when i was working – i worked on a street modified mountain bike most of the time. dudes who worked on them back then definitely had skills that the typical messenger didn’t. I remember this rasta dude Pierre busting the craziest skids in traffic and racing this guy we all knew as Red5 up flatbush ave after work. Definitely some of my inspirations for learning to ride fixed.
What got you into alleycat races? Every messenger on the road thinks he’s the fastest guy out there. I was no different. I remember getting these hand drawn paper flyers from people and knowing that I had to show and prove. I got my ass handed to me, but i caught the bug anyway.
What Monster Tracks have you been too? How did you do? I’ve raced a couple of monstertracks – I think MT 3 and MT 7, filmed MT 8 and attended a bunch of the others.
What alleycats have you organized? I’ve been involved in organizing alleycats for a while, helping out with spokecards and shirts and checkpoints. I was involved with CMWC 13 in 2005 and since then i’ve organized NYC’s 12th annual Halloween race, Rumble Thru the Bronx 3, the 5BoroGenerals series: Rumble4, Broadway Bombing, Staten Island Invazion, Queens Riot and Battle4Brooklyn, Rumble thur the Bronx 5, the Graffitti Rider, and now Monster Track 10
What are the biggest challenges organizing races? Finding prizes. Trying to make the race appeal to both people out to compete and people out to ride for fun. Making everything run remotely on time.
How do races get passed off? Basically, if you have an idea you can organize a race. NYC has some long standing races: Monster Track, July 4th, Halloween, and Rumble thru the Bronx. The original organizers of most of those have moved on, and its usually someone who helped out the year before that inherits the race. If I organized one of these races last year, I would pretty much have dibs on organizing it next year.
What is unique about Monster Track? Monster track is the scariest, most competitive alleycat on the calender. Its restricted to fixed gear bikes and it brings out the best of the best.
Who do you feel that Monster Track is 10 years old? Its pretty amazing to be part of a legendary event.
Who should race alleycats? Messengers only? Anyone who is competent and confident riding in street traffic can race in my alleycats. Alleycat racing is originally a messenger thing, but has always been a place where non-messengers can meet messengers and test their mettle against them on the street. Messengers win most alleycats for a reason, but anyone who has the chops is welcome to give it a ride. Alleycat racing has really expanded the messenger scene and brought a lot of interesting people into the fold.
How do you deal with the liability issues of alleycat racing? What liability issue? One of the fundamental tenets of alleycat racing is you are responsible for your own actions. No one is told to break laws or do anything dangerous by the organizers. The risks that racers take or don’t take are strictly their own to take or not ot take.
What do you think of the trend of fixed gears and the fashion that goes
along with it?
Fixed gear bikes are elegant, simple and efficient, plus it a little badass to ride brakeless. I’m personally over hating on people b/c their bikes match their clothes. I’ll just say make sure that you can ride your bike safely first, then work on looking good doing it.
What is the future of Alleycat racing? will we see it in the XGames 2020? No.
What are you future cycling goals? Ride every day. Get faster. Build my sound bike. ride in tokyo.
Organizing goals? The rest of this year is all about small events: Midnight Keirin Club and GoldsprintsNYC. I think Graffiti Rider2: Electric Bugaloo is in the works. Monster Track 11 and maybe a NACCC 2010 Brooklyn bid.

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