Monster Track Profile #9-Diablo

A big part of this whole scene has been previous organizer and racer: Carlos “Diablo” Rameriez.
Photo by Kevin Dillard of Demoncats.
How long have you been a messenger? Are you one now? I been a messenger for 14 year and still kicking
What Monster Track races have you attended? 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
What got you into alleycat racing? Felipe introduce me into the world of alleycat events
What got you into track bikes? The simplicity of the bike.
What is unique about Monster Track for you? MT is unique for the simple fact that there is no other only track bike alleycat in the world.
What does MT mean for NYC? MT is the first track scene in NYC and after that i saw a diversity of track sub cultures around the world but before mt there was no track culture no where in the world.
What Monster Track races have you been a part of organizing? I did organize MT 4,5,6,7
Who attends Monster Track? After MT 8 is not been the same, less people attend it
How did what happened in Chicago last year affect Monster Track (as an organizer) Alleycat it was only for messenger original but now eveyone is allow to race. Because of the chicago incident i cancel the race.
What do you think of the popularity of track bikes and how that translates to people racing and wanting to race alleycats? Well i think MT make the track zine what it is right now in the whole world. After i stop organizing MT all the upcoming alleycat in 2008 were whack, but maybe this 2009 it will pick up again.
What is the future of alleycat racing in NYC and beyond? Don’t know, but i’m sure it won’t be like before.

Read more from Diablo at his blog:

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