Monster Track Wrap Up and Photos

I wanted to follow up with my Monster Track profiles so here are a few question and answers form the Racers themselves:


“Hey Michael, it was nice meeting you and your family in person. Can’t believe your son was so calm in that cold.
The whole weekend was great, I met a lot of really nice people and had a blast joking, freezing, riding, and drinking for three days. I’m glad I tried the gold sprints on Friday as well as sprinting up the Williamsburg bridge on Sunday, it was a lot of fun.
When it came down to the race I can’t say I’m disappointed with my back of the pack finish.
As soon as i got the manifest all I could say was “fuck”, even though I pretty much grew up in NYC i felt like a tourist, not knowing where any of the checkpooints were besides the few that were like “303 east 33rd”. I was gonna follow a guy that I knew was a messenger and was quick, I put my bike next to his but he must have moved it after I almost knocked his down, heh. So when we got started I didn’t see him at all.
My first mistake was following John Prolly who had some sort of plan to lead whoever followed him the wrong way…..great. I had a hunch that something was up when we rode to a dumpster but I was too naivee I guess. I laughed about it after though. Without even looking at the manifest I found a group to ride with and we rode at a good clip to a bunch of check points, not really thinking them out, ohh well. It was a real good time though, just riding, talking, laughing, meeting new people as we rode through traffic.
Towards the end I was with a guy from Canada who lost his manifest but could ride well, the guys who knew the streets were beginning to slow a bit but I couldn’t go off on my own since i had no idea where to go. I didn’t really care because the group I rode with was great, I think we all had a great time.
All I can say is that all the fitness in the world won’t get you ahead if you don’t know how to find the checkpoints.
I got sick that night an lost my voice but still came out for the sunday events which were cool to watch. Great weekend overall for sure.
Being around this many bikers was definitely motivational. I got my trainer out and blew the dust off my road bike so I’ll be training even harder now that the weather is becoming nicer. I’ll also be studying up on NYC street addresses like an out of towner,and riding around more often through the parts I don’t know well. I really want to be competitive in alley cat races in 2009 and perhaps try out some road races, and the longer track events.

Thanks agaiin for letting me share my thoughts and experiences!

ANDREW-the Outta Towner
Picture from Kevin Dillard of

How did things go? Well. I placed 25th overall, and I’m not sure what place I came in for the out-of-towners. I also made it to the semi-finals for Gold Sprints which was unexpected.
What was your Monster Track experience like? Awesome. It kind of makes me upset for not racing last year, but super excited for this years alleycat ‘season’.
What was the best and worst part? The best part was being handed the #60 spoke card and then realizing that it didn’t correspond the the place you came in, and the worst was getting a cramp in my calf and thigh at the same time and hauling up 10th ave with my right leg only.
What were your expectations? I didn’t have any, so I was greatly surprised.
How did things change vs what your expectations were? I knew I wouldn’t know the city so I just rode with my other friends from Albany. I was able to hang on up to the last check point where I got dropped sprinting down 2nd ave because of the traffic.
What would you do differently next time for MT or for Alleycat racing in NYC? Get faster!
What did you learn about yourself as an athlete in alleycats? I’m bringing water with me next time. It was nuts not having any.
Whats next for Andrew on a bike in 2009? Road racing, cross racing, alley cats, swing bikes, and more tall bikes.

Picture from Kevin Dillard of

Hey Mike,
Thanks again for putting this up on the website!

What was the best and worst part about this years race? This race was awesome. I really had a fun time doing it. The best part was coming to Continuum at the end of my first manifest and seeing my friends (Dylan even made it out on crutches!), and hearing them yell that I was First Girl.
It’s always great to see a big race like this come together. The organizers put so much time into planning it, the racers push each other to go faster, the sponsors are always so generous, the checkpoint workers stand out in the cold for hours to make it all happen, the photographers are so skilled and give us great images to remember the race, the bloggers make this race known worldwide, and our friends come out and support us. It really is an amazing display of our community.
The worst part was not having any chapstick! My lips were so chapped by the second time I got to Continuum, I wanted to ask someone from the crowd for some but I forgot when I was there.
Any specific tales you want to share? I’m coming up from 100 Old Slip, and only have the Trackstar checkpoint left on my first manifest. As I’m going north on Water St., I see Lucas Brunelle following Dan Chabanov, going to the checkpoint that I just left. For a brief moment, I think ‘oh my God, I’m in first place overall!’ I quickly realize that they must be on their second manifest and there’s no way I’m ahead. It was a nice feeling for a second, though.
How was the course? The format of this year’s race was completely new. We got one manifest with 12 checkpoints on it and were given about 2 minutes to look at it before Mike Dee yelled ‘GO!’ I wrote down ‘E’ and ‘W’ on my manifest to try to make quick sense out of the checkpoints. I went uptown first, hit the checkpoints on the east side, and crossed through Central Park to finish the checkpoints on the west and then headed downtown. The second manifest was another 5 checkpoints from the original 12. I was glad that I already knew where everything was and didn’t have to figure out 5 new addresses. We didn’t know how long the race was going to be, though, and I started thinking that we would get a third manifest with the remaining 7 checkpoints, which would send us back up to 98th street. This definitely made it hard to pace myself but I liked the challenge and thought it was a good twist that the organizers threw in. When I finished the second manifest, I was relieved to be sent to Affinity in Brooklyn.
What does it mean to win MTX? Monstertrack is one of the biggest races of the year. I’m proud of myself for coming in 14th overall. I really want to thank Lance from Squarebuilt for building me a custom track bike as last year’s Monstertrack prize. This bike is probably the nicest thing I own and is amazing to ride. I was honestly a little nervous to race this bike on the street, but it handled phenomenally through traffic and I felt really good on it. I also want to thank Alex Farioletti and Affinity Cycles for holding roller training classes throughout the winter. Alex is so knowledgeable about fitness and cycling, and is so willing to share that knowledge. Taking his classes definitely helped my recovery speed and made me able to push through this long race!
Whats next for Heather Muller on a bike in 2009? I can’t wait to get my prize bike from Affinity out on the streets! I also want to race my Squarebuilt out at Kissena, and maybe try road racing. I would love to do more touring this year, and am thinking of biking the Western Coast of the U.S. from Oregon to California.

Dan Chabanov-Third Place
picture by Kevin Dillard

What was the best and worst part about this years race? Best: Blasting up the west side highway with Jumbo and Lucas Brunelle. Worst: Watching Crihs blow by me on 14th st.
Any specific tales you want to share? I just keep thinking about when me and Crihs raced our first allycat together four years ago. It was the Allykitten and it was a raced that was geared for first timers and occasional racers. I think we came in like 6th and 7th. Its pretty awesome to look back on how we got started in this mess.
How was the course? Much longer then expected.
What does it mean to be in top three of MTX? I think it means more to me that one of my good freinds won the race.
Whats next for Dan Chabanov on a bike in 2009? I’m racing my first road race of the season next weekend. It will be my first time in the 1/2/3 field so that’s going to be a whole new experience. Track season is starting up soon as well. My first big goal of the season is Battenkill Roubaix and then after the road season really gets rolling. The occasional allycat allong the way.

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