Saturday April 4th is also Midnight Madness-on Bikes presents Midnight Madness, Saturday April 4th. Loosley based on the 1980 hardly know classic Michael J. Fox movie of the same name, about a 24 hour scavenger hunt.

Check out this website from Trudy from a report from last years event. Get your team together for this years 24 hour scavenger hunt […]

Bike Lane Clown ride and pillow fight-NYC

Those whacky bike lane liberating clowns are at it again. DON’T BE A FOOL. Last week it was a pie fight, this time its pillows.

TIME’S UP! FOOL’S RIDE: Don’t be fooled! Bike lanes are for bikes! Saturday, April 4th, 2pm Meet at the Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge bike path, Continental Army […]

Co-Ed Bike Polo Tournament in DC

April 18th and 19th in DC. for details check out

a quick posting on new Time’s Up space in Williamsburg

The blog Changes Brooklyn, has the tagline…volunteering in the age of Obama. Its writer recently went down to the new time’s up space in Williamsburg, Check out

More about this stolen bike

Sorry for the delay. I was waiting on a picture of the bike itself. So it turns out the Bianchi Milano was stolen on Houston and Mercer in front of the Angelika theater in Manhattan. The lock that was broken was a Kryptonite KryptoLok U-lock which sells for about $25.00. These are good for […]