StreetFilms at 200.

Streetfilms now was made over 200 videos about bicycling, transportation issues and celeb shout outs. Nice work, even though I’m not in any of them.

Here is a promo video to celebrate 200.

Going cross country with 6 arms…I think.

Maybe you know Ken Stanek, as this guy… Los Marcos Polo or as the co-founder of the short bike related film festival: Ken has been a real fixture in the NYC bike community, hosting events, racing and running various bike/messenger related websites. Now Ken and his buddies, Quinn and Andy are heading across […]

Tall bike bmx video.

That’s what I’m talking about:

BMX tall bike with trix. Shea’s BIG Bike Session from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Found this on the blog corpusfixie. I believe thats Corpus Christi Texas…I’m checking into that, but my Spanish is muy […]