Dutch Bikes in NYC today!

Remember this article in the NY Times about fashion, oh yeah and those classic Dutch bicycle which hasn’t changed since WW 2?

Well Today as part of a celebration of 400 years of Dutch-US relations…it’s:

(But is sounds like it is already too late to participate because registration is closed…but that never […]

Bike blogger of the week…Barcelona.

In my on going series of the bike bloggers of the world we focus our attention on Barcelona Spain.

Here we meet: Cristian Marin Santos and Jordi “Santa” Tamayo This picture makes me want to play some Zarathustra from 2001, because these guys are getting enlightened and passing on their love of the fixed […]

Check out Time Out NY magazine this week…

I’ve got a little piece in Time Out NYC.

Just in time for May, otherwise known as Bike Month.

Pick up a copy or check it out online. There are lots of routes and events for cyclists.

Start with This Link.