Bike blogger of the week…Barcelona.

In my on going series of the bike bloggers of the world we focus our attention on Barcelona Spain.

Here we meet:
Cristian Marin Santos and Jordi “Santa” Tamayo
This picture makes me want to play some Zarathustra from 2001, because these guys are getting enlightened and passing on their love of the fixed gear with the blog: which is soon to become

Their aim is to report on the scene in Barcelona and due to their success, the rest of the spanish speaking world. Their blog is entirely in Spanish, but Cristian was kind enough to break it down in English (to the best of his ability)

Here is my Q and A style interview:

Name, Age, Where you live?
Cristian Marin Santos

Born in Masnou, a seaside town on the outskirts of Barcelona in 1976,a
terrible student and born-idler, decided to radically change his lifestyle
after a long stretch working as a brick-layer.In 1999 started studying
design in Elisava School of Design, graduating in industrial design while
also flirting with interior design.

Perhaps the best of living in Barcelona is the pace of life and the person
who is living in one of the most important capitals of the Mediterranean.
In Barcelona there are only 60 days to 300 days of rain and sunshine, if
it amounts to that, the good feeling of the people and the huge number of
beautiful tourists … a delirium.
As a community we are currently fixed in Barcelona about 200 bikers, but
the number has doubled in the last year and the figure is rising.
The best parties are the Polo, the Alleycats, the Keirin Midnight every
weekend night roll in Barcelona.

What bikes do you own?
I have six:
-a mountain bike trek 7000, FElt Dirt Jump, one to practice Bike Trial a
Monty T-219 and three fixed bike: Pinarello, Viner Italy and my favorite a

What is the biking culture like in Barcelona?
The culture of cycling in Barcelona is very heterogeneous, There are many
ways to understand the bike, like a cheap transport, like a way of
I think the bike does not arrive in Barcelona at the level of maturity in
other countries such as Holland, England or the U.S.,but it’s just a
matter of time, since in Spain there is a long tradition of cycling.

Is there bike sharing there and if so, do people use it? Like it? How
could it be improved?
Sharing?in Barcelona there is a company dedicated to the bike rental is
called Bicing which has 200,000 members who pay $ 60 a year and can catch
over a bike at any point in Barcelona with a card. But due to poor
management experience in bicycle rental is terrible, and this is not good
for the bike world.

What is the biking infrastructure like in Barcelona?
no, now the authorities are building bike lanes and bike finance Parkins,
but nothing more. Politicians are only interested in cycling as a
political weapon rather than as a solution to many problems in the city.

Do they have Critical Mass? How’s that going?
there in not a Critical Mass in Barcelona, but in the Spain´s Capital
Madrid, there are many groups: like Bici Critica.

What is the fixed-gear culture like?
As I have said before, culture is beginning fixed at Barcelona, although
there are fixed for years,but now has a group of cyclists consolidade
being made events, Alleycats, Midnight keirins, bike polo matchs.

Do the different bike cultures get along?

the relationship between cyclists is good because all ride for the love of
two wheels.

Are their single speed and fixed gear specific bike shops?

There aren´t shops specializing in fixed because there isn´t an important
market, but I guess that a year appear more than we think.

How has the Spanish-speaking world embraced the fixed gear?

we know that there are many cyclists in fixed in South America and Spain
but Idon´t know about the Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S.

the truth is that we do not distinguish between Spanish-speaking
communities, but we stand out to people by country.

What is about? How was it started? and what is all about?

encicliak is Jordi “Santa” Tamayo,Noe “Guats up” Lamas and me, to which we
must add all of our friends and the community fixed Barcelona.
Enciclika is a means to promote the “Fixie” culture, in general directed
at the Barcelona community (initially) and due to its success, the whole
Spanish-speaking world…. The idea from the beginning was to create a
type of media using free technology available on the Internet, paying
special attention to graphics . No complicated stuff however.
Given the experience picked up, and maintaining the spirit of the BMX web, they decide to set up a web currently under
construction that initially links to its news section, This blog gives all the news and what’s going
on in Spanish, in the world of Fixed, both nationally and internationally.

And is the blog of the future site

Do you guys have bike messengers?

Messengers do not usually come to events because they are quite tired of
bicycling all day. On the other hand there is little messengers in
Barcelona and they are fighting.I suppose that is personal and business

Do you have alleycat races?

Yes, very recently we were at the wheels on fire organizated by La
bicicleteria Shop.

What are the future plans for

the only plan is to finish the web site to

What are your future cycling goals?
None in particular, just continue to enjoy cycling with the entire world.

Who is your favorite celebrity biker?
I am no fan of any rider,(kill your idols!!! jajaja) I like people with
strong spirits, such as … Marshall “Major” Taylor.

Their careers are legendary and victories on three continents. From 1898
until 1904 was the fastest rider in the world in 1899 set 7 new world
records in the quarter mile, the third of a mile … well, almost all
known categories of speed, reaching a mark of 1.41 while in the mile
record he held for 28 years, come on, a wonder of speed.

also had to fight against racism as it was black.
Know your history makes you avoid the same mistakes in future.

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