Bike Stolen

OH NO. Could be the beginning of bicycle theft season.
A good friend of mine, Nara, just alerted me her bike was stolen in what seems to be a rather bold attack.

My bike was just stolen from the corner of Houston and Mercer, right outside the Angelika. Someone smashed the Kryptonite lock, which was twisted in a heap when I came out and found the bike was missing. Description: 18″ celeste green Bianchi Milano — older model without fenders with a non-standard WTB saddle (black with red details). Anodized blue aluminum bell on left handlebar, and possibly the vestiges of a lock attached to the crossbar.


please be on the look out for this bike.

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  • wow. I always thought those locks were indestructible. And all along I leave my bike locked with the krypto without a care — “they cant get thru that lock”. Is there a lock that is unbeatable?

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  • cr

    What kind of Kryptonite lock? Chain, U-Lock, Cable? Which model? How come no one ever gives any details?

  • la

    I am also curious as to what kind of lock it was. I’m looking to purchase a lock and this would be a deciding factor. Thanks.

  • cr

    Still no details, eh?

  • la

    I’m confused as to how the lock was cut? Anyone have any wild guesses?

  • R

    I’m guessing it was a U-Lock by some of the phrasing she used (“lock” was twisted, a single “lock” mark on the crossbar). But really, I too, would like to know the specifics in case there is something we all could learn from the incident.

    I haven’t started locking my new bike yet, but plan to use a new york chain and removing the front wheel, locking both wheels and frame around a pole together…but I’m still paranoid about that.

  • shyam

    i use a masterlock street cuff the short version and one cuff fits around my top tube and my usual bike rack snug but perfectly, no leverage to be had unless you could find some way to defeat the lock, but its near impossible not even a bic pen can do it so far so i am happy. too bad i still have to carry around the other cuff. they are pretty heavy like 2p

  • My_Brooklyn

    Master Locks, Kryptonite U-Locks, U-Locks with Cross bars, Cuffs, Cables (By far the dumbest choice of all), Small or Medium size chains be it square shape or diamond shaped chains can all be cut with a 52″ (and up) bolt cutter that has a anvil slab head in three to five minutes also a portable low RPM battery powered drill or grinder with a three dollar four or six inch disk blade takes about three minutes cutting time. Other cutters Carbide tools and Rough Diamond Disks. I was a hard core New York City bike messenger nut 20 years ago and still ride.


    The solution:
    Buy the biggest fats squares shaped chain you can find secure the nylon cloth that comes with the chain at both ends with electrical tape then cut up a tube into slices and mummify the whole chain but not tightly so that it isn’t able dangle around as it did with nothing wrapped around it. Wrap it leaving exposed at least three to four links on either side tape it securely with your favorite colorful electrical tapes. Purchase the biggest Multi-Lock which has a special wedge key and locking system. It is actually the strongest lock I’ve owned so far since I know how to break into these things but don’t. The more expensive Multi-Lock Pad Lock has a heavy black sleeved collar and is used by store owners. When locking a bike never put it on a tree because they’ll cut down the tree or a pole that doesn’t have more then one parking sign since it can be tossed over the top with a pipe or a 2″X4″. Shake the poles violently to check the concrete which is usually never solid but a mix of impacted dirt but folks still lock them on these poles. When your locking up your bike fold in the loose links several times onto U portion of the Multi-Lock Pad Lock. A chain which is to tightly locked against something is almost like self positioning it for the thief to get a firm hold of it for a firm cut a loose set of links tend to flop all over the place land is a bit harder to grab a hold of and just buys time. But even with a loose chain you still need to protect each link from cutter or grinder with multiple skins. Also Do Not make it into a habit of locking it up in the same place every day move it around because if they see it there more then once in the same place they’ll come back prepared the third of fourth walk by. To avoid parts being stripped and stolen buy a box of ball barrings at the bike shop and insert into every hexagonal open using five minute apoxy from any Hardware store. To avoid getting your seat stolen replace the quick release the bike comes with a hexagonal bolt and take a piece of bike old chain and wrap it in a tube then with your favorite colorful electrical tape to protect the frame paint wrapping that portion of the frame with electrical tape. You can also prevent theft of your wheels even if they are locked with the big chains with little brass locks or plumbing ties which are used to tie car hoses and garden hoses together then wrap those up with a color matching electrical tape. I’ve had a few wheels kicked in by angry thieves who wanted my bikes but where unable to deal with my prison mentality. Final tip: Using an electrical tape that matches the color of your bike this way it doesn’t seem like its locked down like a dog house so that when they come up to it to check it they’ll receive a message from a thief to a thief to piss off. All bikes can be stolen you just want to put them through hell and back to take. Over nighter out side. Well that’s just way to much time to be able to buy it will get stolen bring it inside. “Some times you have to go to hell to get to heaven.” Think like a thief there’s not honor among them. Good Luck and have fun riding. Ciao Baby

  • brooklyn_loafer

    My_Brooklyn, I’ll not pretend that i followed every single tip but thanks. You should make youtube videos detailing/demonstrating all of your anti-theft techniques.. haha I’m sure it’d come in handy.