Brooklyn’s Courier Company gets Press

Hugo and Colin from Brooklyn’s newest courier company, Snap Delivery,
got a nice story in the Daily News.

*Apr 04 - 00:05*
photo by Siegel/News

Shoestring approach has some messengers pedaling to success
by Alex J. Berkman
Monday, April 20th 2009, 1:19 PM

They weave nimbly through traffic, don’t use even a drop of gasoline and can promise speedy delivery, so it’s no wonder bike messengers are in high demand.

Once relegated to rushing documents around the canyons of Wall Street, street pedalers now get paid for deliveries as diverse as cases of wine and DVDs. And since the business essentials are mainly a reliable bicycle, a waterproof bag and a strong dose of fearlessness, many messengers are breaking free from the fleet and working for themselves.

“The only one that makes money is the independent,” said Hugo Giron, co-owner and founder of Snap Delivery of Brooklyn.

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