Dutch Bikes in NYC today!

Remember this article in the NY Times about fashion, oh yeah and those classic Dutch bicycle which hasn’t changed since WW 2?

Well Today as part of a celebration of 400 years of Dutch-US relations…it’s:

(But is sounds like it is already too late to participate because registration is closed…but that never stopped any REAL New Yorkers…right?)

Thursday, April 30th 2009
Starting time: 9:00AM
End time: 2:30PM

On April 30th, Dutch Queen’s Day, 200 orange Batavus bikes make their official arrival in NYC in a very festive way, in attendance of Dutch Cabinet Minister Frans Timmermans. The bikes will be part of a special NY400 Queens Day Bike Tour organized together with The Netherland Club and NLBorrels. Exactly 400 years after Henry Hudson set sail from Amsterdam, the bright orange NY400 bikes are undertaking the same journey across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City.

To show New York City how much the Dutch love their bikes, we invited everyone to join us for a bike tour celebrating Queen’s Day. Due to an overwhelming success, we have closed the registration.

Biking is widely known as the most sustainable, green & clean way of transportation. Since the Netherlands is home to millions of bicycles, the average Dutch person owns 1.11 bicycle per person, NY400 celebrations could not be celebrated without including some beautiful Dutch bikes.

In the Netherlands bicycling is not only used for sport and leisure, it is an everyday means of transportation. More than 60% of the Dutch prefer to bike when possible. In total, over 27% of trips made by the Dutch is done on a bike.

The NY400 Queens Day Bike Tour starts at 9:00AM at Hudson River Park’s Pier 84 (West 42nd Street) and will include a visit to the park next to Riverside Church, where Lou Reed will also be attending the one-hour special “Perfect Day” concert by master Carillonneur Sjoerd Tamminga. After a picknick we will continue our trip via Central Park to the Museum of the City of New York for a great photo moment on the steps of this beautiful building. The bikers are invited for a quick tour around the Museum’s newest exhibit: Amsterdam/New Amsterdam: The Worlds of Henry Hudson.

This NY400 project is a small contribution to the overall NYC incentive to encourage cycling as an environmentally friendly & healthy way of transportation. Later on this year, the bikes will be part of NYC’s Summer Streets event and will be used in a big bike-sharing event during the NY400 week in September after which they will be donated to charity. The NY400 biking event is partly made possible by Batavus and Dura Vermeer.

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