Geekhouse video from Open.

Zack Teachout over at open bicycle in Somerville, Massachusetts, sent out this video.

Its a movie about a day in the shop with Geek house bikes founder, Marty Walsh.


Geekhouse Movie from Geekhouse Bikes on Vimeo.

Then watch this video…Forget all those fixed gear trick video going around…this is the real deal…THE DEATH DEFYING BEER CAN JUMP!

Oh, Kenny. The Huffy gt300.

found on Swobo’s-“How to Avoid the bummer life.”

and here is a video from DEATH PEDAL.

Death Pedal X FRSH promo by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.
found on Prolly is Not Probably (of course)
This is a trailer for a new Freestyle DVD. Kareem of Death Pedal makes this claim: “This will be the first film to have a truly global perspective on fixed gear freestyle.
hope you enjoy it!”

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